By Lil Pixels

My name is Elaine. I am a Stay Home Mom. Welcome to my place. In 2001, when I was searching some cliparts for my daughter in the internet, I came across country graphics, and it fancinated me immediately. Then, I took courses online and learned how to draw pixel graphics with PSP.

I stopped pixel drawing for about 10 years later but I picked it up again this year. I love drawing dolls and I try to draw other critters on and off now.

I have collected tons of siggies from different artists. A page called Secret Garden which keep many of the graphics that I collected.

Apart from pixel drawing, I sew teddy bears before, but my life kept me busy so I had to quit it.

I love pixel drawing. It has became part of my life.

By RoseyPosey

Artist Doll: By Lilpixels
Bear: By RoseyPosey

Updated on April 2022